Living Hope

Phillip Gard

"Living Hope"

In September 2013, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I was working at Cleveland Clinic main campus in the Education Institute. Even though I had been employed at the Clinic for almost 40 years at the time, I was fortunate enough to have reasonably good health and had not had to rely on the Clinic for any major issues. Well, my new diagnosis changed everything. The care that I have received at the Taussig Cancer Center over the last 9 years has been outstanding. My disease is very stubborn, so I have gone through a variety of therapies including a stem cell transplant to keep things at bay. In January 2022 I underwent a CAR-T cell transplant and as a result, I am currently off of all treatment! I am enjoying retirement now (43 years at CC) thanks to the many wonderful Taussig caregivers that I have come in contact with. I especially want to thank Dr. Jason Valent as well as nurse Mary Ann Karam for overseeing my care over the last 9 years.