Living Hope

Stuart von Hoch

"Living Hope"

I started riding in VeloSano as a way to help with recovery from open heart surgery due to a bicuspid aortic valve that was fixed at the Cleveland Clinic in 2009. The riding was good for me and helped me give back to the Clinic. In 2020, my PSA came back as 7.1. Had initial consult with a urologist. After extensive consults and exams, it was determined that we would wait and see. In 2021, my PSA came back at 12.1. More visits and a biopsy. Biopsy came back negative and a prostate reduction surgery was discussed. After consulting with my surgeon, he was going to schedule the surgery for August 6th. I mentioned that I was scheduled to ride in VeloSano and asked if I would make the September 11th. date. He said I would not with surgery on August 6th, so we postponed it until October 12th. Had to shorten my ride in 2021 to 10 miles, but was happy to ride. Had surgery on October 12th. 90% of the prostate was removed. I received a call a little over 2 weeks later by a doctor that had assisted on the surgery. Asked how I was doing, then proceeded to tell me that the pathology came back and showed an aggressive prostate cancer. Told me I would have some body scans to determine if there was any spread and then a follow-up with my urologist. Body scans were done in November, the initial one and a second one that was requested due to a "spot" they had seen on the initial scan. Second scan turned out negative. No spread. Consulted with my surgeon the week before Thanksgiving. We determined surgery was the best course of action and set up a January 24th date. Two months of healing from the first surgery and anxiety about the upcoming surgery began. January 24th I had the radical prostatectomy. Recovery was REALLY unpleasant. A week after surgery, I was called and told that they felt they had removed it all but I would need follow-up appointments to make sure it did not return. I have had two PSA tests since surgery with both coming back >.02, which is good. Another follow-up appointment in November. Meanwhile, I have been cleared to ride and will be working to get 25 miles in this year.