“Cancer doesn't stop."

Support from VeloSano Victors is the catalyst to turn an innovative research idea into an effective therapy or even a cure for patients with cancer now and in the future. Dale Shepard, MD, PhD, FACP | Director, Taussig Cancer Center | Phase I and Sarcoma Programs | Medical Director, VeloSano | President, Cleveland Clinic Alumni Association

VeloSano Victors are donors who make significant contributions to support cancer research at Cleveland Clinic. Upon reaching $100,000 in cumulative giving, they are recognized as a VeloSano Victor and have the opportunity to name a VeloSano Pilot Grant.

VeloSano Victors 2022

Bruce Hollenbeck VeloSano Pilot Grant in Memory of Janet Hollenbeck

Molecular mediators of disparate outcomes in African American patients with lung cancer | Daniel McGrail, PhD

The Roger Hasselman Family VeloSano Pilot Grant in memory of Roger M. Hasselman

Low intensity shockwave therapy as a non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction and pelvic pain in prostate cancer survivors | Peter Bajic, MD

Darryl W Traweek VeloSano Pilot Grant in memory of Eddie “Big Time” Lenihan

Development of an anti-cancer stem cell therapy for glioblastoma by targeting the epigenetic state via WDR5 | Justin Lathia, PhD

VeloSano Victors 2021

Barbara Kerscher VeloSano Pilot Award in memory of Robert D. Kerscher in honor of Dr. Lilyana Angelov

Elucidating the Metabolic Impact of Isocaloric, Controlled, Mediterranean-Type Diets in Treatment-Naïve Men with Prostate Cancer on Active Surveillance (DINE study) | Nima Sharifi, MD

Karen and Paul Dolan VeloSano Pilot Award

Cell Therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Utilizing Reprogrammed T Lymphocytes | Marcela Diaz- Montero, PhD

Magden Family VeloSano Pilot Award

Enabling Quantum Evolutionary Control in Cancer to Promote Drug Sensitivity | Jacob Scott, MD, DPhil

The Gross Family VeloSano Pilot Award in memory of Morton J. Gross

Epigenetic Dysregulation of DNAJB6 Isoform Expression Contributes to Breast Cancer Invasion and Metastasis | Angela Ting, PhD

VeloSano Victors 2020

Béla Szigethy VeloSano Pilot Award in memory of Maria Szigethy

Hypoxia-Regulated IncRNA in Glioblastoma Progression | Jennifer Yu, MD, PHD

Brian and Diana Taussig VeloSano Pilot Award in honor of Amanda Maggiotto

Tissue Perfusion and Complications in Soft Tissue Sarcoma Surgery | Nathan Mesko, MD

Harry H. Esbenshade VeloSano Pilot Award

Fertility Potential Preservation in Boys Facing Infertility-Causing Diseases or Treatment Regimens with Testicular Tissue Freezing | Sarah Vij, MD

Joanne and Margaret Cohen Families VeloSano Pilot Award in memory of Rosalie, Morton & Carl Cohen

Oligoadenylate Synthetases, a Novel Therapeutic Target in Myeloid Neoplasms | Babal Jha, PhD

Matthew and Stacey Litzler VeloSano Pilot Award

Myeloid neoplasms as a Global Spliceopathy: Implications for Molecular and Immune Pathogenesis | Richard Padgett, PhD

Sandy’s Domestiques VeloSano Pilot Award

SMC2 Regulation of Chromosomal Instability in Triple Negative Breast Cancer | Ruth Keri, PhD

Stewart A. Kohl VeloSano Pilot Award in memory of Philip H. Kohl

Metabolic and Epigenetic Effects of Mitochondrial Transfer in Glioblastoma | Justin Lathia, PhD

William C. Mulligan VeloSano Pilot Award in memory of Stuart M. Schreiber

3D HoloFusion for Percutaneous Multiprobe Ablation of Tumors | Charles Martin III, MD

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Impact of Your Support

Since 2014, VeloSano has raised more than $51 million supporting 240+ cancer research projects. Those projects often go on to earn research grants from the National Institutes of Health and elsewhere. The total return from additional external funding now surpasses $85 million, making the total impact of VeloSano more than $136 million.

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