“Cancer doesn't stop.

It’s more vital than ever that we collaborate to support our patients”

Brian Bolwell, MD, FACP
Chairman, Taussig Cancer Institute
Medical Director, VeloSano

Donors who are able to make significant individual contributions will be recognized for their critical role in helping VeloSano bring us closer to a cure.


VeloSano Victors Logo

VeloSano Victors are individuals who give $100,000, or a $1M+ irrevocable estate gift, in support of a VeloSano Pilot Award.

As a member of the VeloSano Victors Circle, individuals receive the opportunity to name one VeloSano Pilot Award, in memory of a loved one, in honor of a VeloSano "Bike to Cure" team, etc.

Download the VeloSano Victors Guide to learn more.

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Impact of Your Support

Thus far, VeloSano has raised over $24 million supporting 170 cancer research projects. Those projects often go on to earn research grants from the National Institutes of Health and elsewhere. The total return from additional external funding now surpasses $22 million, making the total impact of VeloSano more than $46 million.