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Virtual Rider

What is a Virtual Rider?

If you are not able to ride but you want to join VeloSano by fundraising for the cause, register as a Virtual Rider. It’s a great way to be involved and do your part to help raise dollars for cancer research.

Becoming a Virtual Rider is also the perfect solution for people who reside in remote offices who can’t ride but want to fundraise for a team. If you are VeloSano Volunteer, we encourage you to also register as a Virtual Rider and fundraise for cancer research.

What’s involved with being a Virtual Rider?

Register as a Virtual Rider, donate $25 to yourself at time of registration, personalize your fundraising page, and then ask every friend, family member and co-worker possible to donate to you in support of cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

How do I register to become a Virtual Rider?

Visit velosano.org, click the “Register” link and select the Virtual Rider participation type during registration.

Can a Virtual Rider create a team?

Yes, while we encourage you to join a team of Riders if your family, friends and colleagues are starting a team, you can create a team. Simply gather co-workers, friends and family who will fundraise, create a team name, then register by selecting “Start a Team” and fill out the appropriate information. By starting a team, you become the Team Captain. Teams can be comprised of Virtual Riders and/or Riders.

Is there a registration fee to be a Virtual Rider?

No, there is no registration fee to participate as a Virtual Rider, but there is a Required Self-Donation of $25 at the time of registration to help kick-off your fundraising. This donation is tax-deductible.

Do I need a credit card to participate?

Yes, but only for your Required Self-Donation of $25.

What is the fundraising commitment to be a Virtual Rider?

There is no fundraising commitment for Virtual Riders; just the Required Self-Donation of $25. However, VeloSano is focused on raising as much money as possible for cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

We encourage you to go all-out, maximize your fundraising potential and become a Big Wheeler by raising $1,000 or more!

What is a Virtual Rider Big Wheeler?

Virtual Riders can become a Big Wheeler by raising $1,000 or more. A Virtual Rider Big Wheeler will receive:
If accomplished by the October 1, 2019 fundraising deadline:

  • Digital badge on the Team Roster
  • Big Wheeler Gift (TBD)
  • Recognition at the VeloSano Bash in November
  • Listing in the VeloSano Annual Report
For Virtual Rider Big Wheelers that raise $1,000 or more by June 10, 2019 you’ll receive these perks in addition to the ones listed above:
  • One (1) complimentary ticket for the Kickoff Party
  • Recognition at the Kickoff Party

As a Virtual Rider, can I join a team of Riders and fundraise for a team?

Yes! Please visit Search for a Team to look up the name of the team you want to join. Once you find your team, click the ‘Join This Team’ button. Upon completing your registration, the Team Captain will be notified that you have been added as a member.