Can I join my Team of Riders by registering as a Volunteer?

Yes, at the time of Virtual Volunteer Registration, you can “Register with a Group”.  This will automatically associate you with your Team of Riders (if one exists).  If you do not see your Volunteer Group listed and would like to create a group, contact us at velosano@ccf.org.

How can I participate in VeloSano without fundraising?

Participants can still register as a Virtual Volunteer.  While there is no fundraising commitment to be a Virtual Volunteer, we will share ways that you can digitally support our Riders and “Bike to cure” weekend.  Stay tuned to velosano.org for more information on how to register as a Virtual Volunteer.

Will there be Volunteer opportunities for VeloSano in the future?

While Volunteer opportunities for VeloSano 7 “Bike to cure” Weekend remain virtual, it is possible that some Volunteers may be needed for future projects.  The safety of our participants and our community remain our priority and if safe to do so, we might call for Volunteers to assist with mailers, deliveries or fall fundraising events.  If you are interested in supporting any in-person Volunteer opportunities that may arise, please note that when completing your online registration and we will contact you with opportunities.