Team Building

Forming a team? Follow these five easy steps and download the Team Building Tool Kit to help you Recruit, Raise and Ride.

Click to Download the Team Building Tool Kit!


  • Click “Get Involved”
  • Choose the “Start a Team” option
  • A popup box will appear; select age group, military yes or no, “Start a Team” and then “Submit”
  • New team? Click on “Join as a New Participant”
  • Create your team name, set your team fundraising goal and register!
  • Log into your Participant Center to personalize your team page and URL
  • Returning team? Bring your team back by “Logging in as a Returning Participant” then search for prior year’s team name. As an Alumni Team Captain, you gain access to your old team roster!


  • Ask your colleagues, clients, family and friends
  • Share the URL link to your team page, or tell them to search for your team name when registering
  • Use email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Download, print and distribute posters and business cards (available on to promote your team
  • Ask teammates to recruit from their networks
  • Teams can include Riders and Virtual Riders
  • VeloSano is a ride, not a race
  • Teammates can ride their own distance and pace


  • Each individual is responsible to meet their respective fundraising commitment by October 1, 2018
  • Have fun organizing team fundraising activities
  • Encourage donations to the team to build “Team Funds” to distribute later to help Riders meet their fundraising commitments
  • Promote Matching Gifts
  • Remember to share that 100% of dollars raised benefits lifesaving cancer research at Cleveland Clinic


  • Enjoy the journey!
  • Organize team training rides that end with a fun brunch or a frosty beverage
  • Design and order team jerseys
  • Communicate regularly to connect and motivate your team
  • Rally team to attend the Kickoff Party together Friday, July 20
  • All this to gear up to Bike to cure July 20–22



  • Before October 1, review your teammates’ fundraising status
  • Encourage all individuals on your team to reach their commitment and go higher
  • Incent them to receive Team Funds
  • By October 1, instruct Team VeloSano how to distribute Team Funds

More Info

Looking for more information on how to build a team? Download our Team Building Toolkit.