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VeloSano Kids

Picture this: it’s a humid July morning, and you’re getting ready to embark on your VeloSano ride. The sun is shining through the streets of downtown Cleveland, and you’re ready. You’ve already completed your fundraising commitment, and you’ve trained hard for the miles in front of you. Suddenly, you feel a tug on your jersey. It’s your child, begging to come with you. You can tell they want to be a part of VeloSano. Luckily, now they can, thanks to VeloSano Kids!

VeloSano Kids was launched in the spring of 2018 as a way for children to get involved with the mission of VeloSano. VeloSano Kids is a year-round, community-driven fundraising initiative, where 1OO% of the dollars raised supports lifesaving pediatric cancer research at Cleveland Clinic Children’s. In its first year, VeloSano Kids raised over $218,000.

There are many ways for children to fundraise and make a difference in the fight against pediatric cancer. The first way is through the Trike & Bike program. Trike & Bike, presented by Cedar Point, is a series of community-organized bike rides geared towards children ages 3-12. When children are registered for Trike & Bike, they are also given an online fundraising page and a fundraising goal of $25. 1OO% of this fundraising amount supports VeloSano Kids. Locations for Trike & Bike in 2019 include Bay Village, Shaker Heights, Hudson, Mentor, Chagrin Falls, Lake Ridge Academy (North Ridgeville), , and Strongsville. Please visit for more information or to register your child today.

A second way that children can fundraise for VeloSano Kids is by getting their entire school involved. Last year, students and staff at St. Rita School rallied around an important cause. Over a two week period, children brought in loose change and bills, and teachers were given online fundraising pages to fundraise and share with their networks. The teachers of the two classes that raised the most over the two weeks raced around the school during an assembly, with the losing teacher having to serve lunch in the cafeteria the following Monday. 

Plot twist- you don’t have to be a kid to support pediatric cancer research at Cleveland Clinic Children’s. From golf tournaments and luncheons to car washes, clam bakes and 5K’s, there are countless ways to organize a meaningful event that raises money and awareness for VeloSano Kids.

Finally, you can fundraise for pediatric cancer research AND still participate in VeloSano! When registering for VeloSano “Bike to cure” weekend, join the Cleveland Clinic Children’s team. 1OO% of your dollars raised towards your fundraising commitment will support VeloSano Kids.

Now, back to VeloSano “Bike to cure” ride day and your child begging to come with you. You can now point out that they have their own Trike & Bike ride to prepare for, as well as their own fundraising goal to reach. Your child smiles with that reminder and runs off to enjoy the delicious food on Mall B while they wait for you to return from your ride. And you smile, too as you realize that no matter the age, whether it’s on two wheels or three, we’re all 1OO% for the cure.

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