A Visual Guide to Fundraising

A Visual Guide to Fundraising

Team VeloSano
All of your training has come to this. You turn into the final stretch, exhausted and weary from your VeloSano ride. Doubts begin to creep into your mind that you won’t make it. Then, you see the Cleveland skyline peeking over the horizon. Just seeing it gives you a second wind to push through the final five miles. It reminds you that you’re close to the finish. 

And then you cross the finish line.

Sometimes just having a visual to focus on can help an individual accomplish their goals. In the world of VeloSano, this can not only be said about the ride, but about fundraising as well. Having a visual aid can help spark creative fundraising efforts that all participants can use, regardless of where they are in their fundraising journey.

Below, you’ll find examples of teams that have used visuals to market and communicate their fundraising efforts.  These are just a few of the many events that our participants have created to raise funds for VeloSano. Hopefully these ideas help prompt new and creative ways to increase funds to your VeloSano ride. Who knows, maybe there are untapped opportunities right in front of your eyes!

Some other ideas include:
  • Yard Sale - “Turning Junk into Cancer Research Dollars”
  • Wine Tasting - “Sippin’ for a Cure”
  • Bake Sale - “Cookin’ Up Cancer Cures”
  • BBQ - “Smoke Out Cancer”
There is never a bad time to fundraise. Whether you are in your final push for VeloSano 4 or already thinking of ways to fundraise for VeloSano 5, cancer research does not take a break. There’s always time to fundraise to support it.

Think of local businesses that you frequent (restaurants, coffee shops, cleaners, gym) with which you could partner for a VeloSano fundraiser. Make sure you explain that 100% of the dollars raised directly benefits groundbreaking cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

With this advice and a little willpower, you can hit your fundraising goal or even become a Big Wheeler. You will feel the same type of accomplishment in crushing your fundraising goal as you did when you crossed the finish line on VeloSano weekend. All it took was a little visual inspiration to see your goals through. 


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