Introducing Facebook Fundraiser!

Introducing Facebook Fundraiser!

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Introducing Facebook Fundraisers – Connect Your VeloSano Personal Fundraising Page to Facebook!

We're excited to announce the integration of Facebook Fundraisers with VeloSano Personal Fundraising pages! This makes fundraising through Facebook easier than ever.

Why should you connect your fundraising for VeloSano to a Facebook Fundraiser?
  • Facebook prioritizes its own features so your Facebook friends are more likely to see your Facebook Fundraiser in their newsfeed than if you were to simply share your VeloSano Personal Page link.
  • There are no fees for donating to Facebook Fundraisers, allowing VeloSano to maintain 1OO% all dollars raised to support cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.
  • This is a new way to augment your existing fundraising efforts. It’s simple to set up, so start now!

How to Get Started with Facebook Fundraisers
  1. Login to your VeloSano Dashboard account. If you have not yet personalized your profile page, update it before starting a fundraiser! Add a photo, write why you’re participating in VeloSano, and set your fundraising goal. Your goal, as well as your current fundraising total as it appears on your VeloSano Personal Fundraising page, will be pushed to your Facebook Fundraiser.
  2. Select the Facebook Tab within your Dashboard.
  3. Once logged into Facebook, click Create Fundraiser.
  4. Your Facebook Fundraiser is live! View your fundraiser on Facebook and make edits, such as changing the post content or updating your photo. Invite your Facebook Friends to your Fundraiser and you're on your way!
What You Need to Know About Your Facebook Fundraiser
  • Notifications. You will be immediately notified on Facebook when a donation is made through your Facebook Fundraiser! When someone donates to your Facebook fundraising page it will update your total fundraising progress. The donation will also appear on your VeloSano fundraising page’s activity feed.
  • Please note, that if you want to comment on a donation received through this process, we recommend doing it within Facebook since that was the original/preferred method of engagement.
  • Fundraising Total. Your existing fundraising total will show up on your Facebook Fundraiser. Your fundraising total, as displayed on your VeloSano page, will update to reflect Facebook Fundraiser donations.
  • Donor Information.  Donors who give via Facebook will show up as a “Facebook Fundraiser donation” on your VeloSano Personal Page, not by the donor’s name.
We hope you enjoy this new fundraising option. Thank you for reaching out to friends, family, even acquaintances that you may not have otherwise asked for support. Thank you for being 1OO% for the cure!

Questions? Contact us at or leave a message at 216.444.6150.

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