Fundraising But Not Riding – Here’s the Scoop:

Fundraising But Not Riding – Here’s the Scoop:

Team VeloSano
Fundraising, Virtual Rider
You hate cancer. You want to do something about it. You want to raise money to support VeloSano and cancer research at Cleveland Clinic, but you’re not quite ready to get on a bike and ride.
What do you do?
You get involved as a Virtual Rider Fundraiser.
Wait, Virtual Rider…? Does that mean I still have to ride a bike somewhere or somehow?
  • Nope! As a Virtual Rider Fundraiser, you can do whatever activity, event, etc. to help raise as much as possible – with 1OO% for the cure.
You can join a team, start your own team or register as an individual Virtual Rider Fundraiser. To make your registration official, you’ll need to kick start your fundraising by making a donation to yourself of at least $25. From there, you’ll have access to your very own personal fundraising webpage to share with your friends and family as the place to make a donation to you.
Here are a few examples of how you can use every day activities you might already be doing to help you fundraise for VeloSano:
  • Do you run or walk in organized 5k events? You can use that participation to help you raise funds for VeloSano. Tell your friends and family that you’re running or walking in a series of 5k’s as part of your efforts to raise money for cancer research. Have fun with it! Associate your fundraising goal with how many 5k’s you’ll complete – perhaps one for every $100 raised!
  • Are you involved in a spin class, cross fit, or other weekly activity? Use your involvement as a way to encourage donations, e.g., “I’m dedicating this month of cross fit sessions to raise money for VeloSano – 100% of the donations I receive will support lifesaving cancer research at Cleveland Clinic. And for every donation made, I’ll complete an extra set of burpees just for you!”
  • Do you enjoy baking? Turn that passion into a fundraiser! Sell your baked goods at the office, your church or at your local community farmer’s market, and promote that 100% of sales will support cancer research. They get to eat a yummy treat while supporting a great cause.
Helpful Tips:
  • Share your fundraising page via email, social media, etc.
  • Be sure to set a goal for yourself on your personal fundraising page, and include that goal in your request for support – if your friends and family see that you need help to reach your goal, they will be more likely to give to help you get there!
  • Once you’ve met your goal, increase it to a higher amount to keep encouraging additional donations.
  • Looking for additional fundraising ideas? CLICK HERE.
Have questions? Contact us.
But we have a feeling you’re motivated to make this official. Click here to register.

Welcome to the VeloSano Family!

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