Download the VeloSano App

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Take your fundraising to the next level with the VeloSano App.  You can update your personal fundraising page, send messages, monitor progress, and connect with teammates right from the palm of your hand. 

In addition to these helpful fundraising tools, the VeloSano App allows you to track physical activity, engage in individual and team challenges, and utilize activity goals as a fundraising springboard to encourage more donations. 

But don’t take our word for it, download the VeloSano app for your Apple or Android device and let the “fun”draising begin.   

Encourage all your teammates to download the app so everyone can connect and participate in team activity challenges!
Track Donations & Fundraising Progress
It’s easy to monitor progress to your fundraising goal - right from the home screen of the app.  You can update your goal at any time and also watch your team progress.  On the donations tab, app users can track every donation received and easily send thank you messages using our templates for email, text or multiple social media channels.
Send Messages
Don’t know where to start?  We’ve got you covered with templates for email, text and social media.  All you’ve got to do is log into the app, select a message and send it to your contacts.  It’s easy-peasy and directs your contacts right to your fundraising page to make a donation.

Share Your Page & Update Your Picture
The best way to encourage donations, is to tell your story and share why it’s important to support you, VeloSano and cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.  We make that super simple in the VeloSano App.  You can copy/paste and share your personal fundraising page link at any time.  You can also easily upload a picture to your fundraising page from your camera roll. 
Track Your Activity
Whether you run, bike, swim, or walk, hike, spin – you can sync your Apple Health or Google Health right to the app and track your progress.  Users can earn badges by achieving challenge milestones.  Activity is tracked by duration (by the minute), so compete with your teammates (remember, they have to have the app too), the VeloSano Community leaderboard…or share your efforts with your network and ask for donations.
Team Captains
Calling all Captains – we know you are multi-taskers, so use the Team Captain tab to view your roster, monitor team donations and send recruiting messages.  It’s quick and easy to connect with any or all of your team members with a just a few taps.
Don’t delay, download today!

*To login to the VeloSano App, users must be registered as a Rider or Virtual Fundraiser for VeloSano 8 (2021).