VeloSano: “Swift Cure”

In 2013, the hope and action of a single person inspired a world-wide movement to seek a future without cancer. Determined to save his family and friends from experiencing further pain, suffering and loss, he made VeloSano possible. Latin for “swift cure”, VeloSano connects the cancer community with Cleveland Clinic’s expanding global impact in research, innovation and care. This unique partnership ensures an accelerated path to finding cures by making good on our promise – that one hundred percent of every dollar raised for VeloSano initiatives will support transformative, lifesaving cancer research happening at Cleveland Clinic today, in order to impact the lives of millions of people around the world, tomorrow. What began as a weekend-long bike ride in Cleveland has become the link that connects philanthropy to research, research to patients, and patients to cures. Gifts to date have resulted in innovative treatment, therapies and – perhaps most importantly – comfort to patients across a wide range of cancer specialties. What we learn through research in one area adds translational knowledge to the overall field of cancer research and ultimately puts us one step closer to a cure. Today, more than a decade after its founding, VeloSano remains committed to realizing the potential of individuals and communities with a single like-minded passion: ending cancer. Together, we are VeloSano. Together, to cure cancer.

1OO% for the cure

The ability to provide 1OO% of dollars raised to cancer research would not be possible without our Corporate and Foundation Partners. The financial and in-kind support they provide offsets all operational expenses allowing us to execute a safe, high-quality experience.

How Bike to Cure Works


Join an existing team, start a new team or register individually. Whatever you choose, registration is the first step towards fighting cancer.


Ask your friends, family and network to donate to your fundraising commitment. You'll be surprised how quickly it adds up.


We have an option for everyone! Choose from our Guardians City Loop Ride, 25, 50, 75 and 100-Mile Rides.


Every dollar raised by participants supports lifesaving cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.