Announcing the VeloSano Connection Collection from


We’re excited to announce the VeloSano Connection Collection from, which offers a collection of free digital greetings that users can personalize.
This collection is designed to help the VeloSano community share their VeloSano experience with their family, friends, and supporters. These digital greetings allow users to add photos or a video and write a personal message that can then be easily shared via email, text message, or social network of your choice.
How? It’s as simple as visiting and selecting which content you want to share. (NOTE: The Pics & Wishes creative will require users to download the AG app)
We hope you enjoy this enhanced opportunity from American Greetings for sharing your gratitude with those who support your VeloSano involvement!
Additional details regarding the products being offered and how to use them can be found below and also at
Creatacard products:
  • After selecting a card, the user will click on the “Personalize and Send” button to begin the personalization process.
  • Here they will be brought to the card builder where they can customize the inside and back of the card with a video, photos, a personalized message, and signature.
  • Each of the personalization fields include steps to help guide the users through. For example, when you click on the “your photo or video here” space, the builder asks how many photos the user wants to add and then the card space changes to the corresponding template for users to add.  The same goes for all the other personalization fields so I would write this step as a generic “personalize your thank you card with a video, photos, message and signature” or something to that extent.
  • After the user has personalized their Creatacard they can click on the “Preview” button to see their card. 
  • Then the user clicks on “Share or Print” to send their card via email, Facebook, or another social network method by copying the card link.  They can also choose to print the card if they have access to a printer.
Pics & Wishes:
  • To personalize and send this product, the user will need to download the American Greetings Ecards App from the Apple App Store (this product is only available on).
  • Once they have the app, they can either tap on the card from the homepage of the app or it will be under the 3rd (Pics & Wishes) tab of the app.
  • Users can send this card for free but will need to register for a free account to send.
  • There is also a tutorial that pops up the first time they interact with a P&W product so from a personalization standpoint it’s self-explanatory.